Heavy Metal Wanaka Interview Podcasts:

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VOGG from Decapitated on Heavy Metal Wanaka Marcus from Blind Guardian on Heavy Metal WanakaDirk from EDGUY on Heavy Metal Wanaka Dan from New Zealand band Dust on Heavy Metal Wanaka Riccardo Ball from Just One Fix on Heavy Metal Wanaka Michael Keene from The Faceless on Heavy Metal Wanaka
Tim Millar from Protest the Hero on Heavy Metal Wanaka Devin Holt from Pallbearer on Heavy Metal Wanaka Mark Heylmun from Suicide Silence on Heavy Metal Wanaka Mick Jeffery from Aversions Crown on Heavy Metal Wanaka Andreas Kisser from Sepultura on Heavy Metal Wanaka Anders Friden from In Flames on Heavy Metal Wanaka Peter from Vader on Heavy Metal Wanaka Chuck Billy from Testament on The Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast. Juan Brujo from Brujeria on Heavy Metal Wanaka LYND from Twilight Force on Heavy Metal Wanaka C.J Pierce from Drowning Pool on the Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast Alex Hofmann from Fallujah (Band) on the Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast. Alex Erian from Despised Icon on The Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast


Burton C Bell of Fear Factory
Andy Sneap of Hell (Band)
Brendon Small of Metalocalypse
Vogg of Decapitated
Max Cavalera for Soulfly (2015)
Olof Wikstrand of Enforcer (spelling mistake will be corrected (eventually))
Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder
Bill Steer of Carcass
David Brockie of GWAR & Satchel of Steel Panther

Regarding my ‘THROWBACK Podcasts’:
During my time on broadcast radio, from mid-2006 through to early 2014 (and beyond with different podcasts) I had opportunities to conduct a good number of interviews. These days, the audio for these are either lost- digitally on an old hard drive somewhere or on CD, slowly gathering dust in a drawer.

The aim of my ‘THROWBACK Podcast’s is to bring new life to these old interviews, so if the audio of each of them can be found then I shall eventually bring every one of the following interviews to the throwback podcast form.

  • Chuck Billy-2013 [ Testament],
  • Rob Dukes [Generation Kill]
  • Max Cavalera,
  • Jaimie [Ulcerate],
  • Jarkko [Korpiklaani],
  • Nameless Ghoul [Ghost B.C],
  • Jordan [Bring me the Horizon],
  • Ryan Waste [Municipal Waste],
  • Rana [Legacy of Disorder- NZ],
  • Josh [Depths-NZ],
  • Bob Meadows [A Life Once Lost],
  • Satchel [Steel Panther],
  • Dino Cazares [Fear Factory],
  • Tom Maxwell [Hellyeah],
  • Johnny Hellkatze [Sekht-NZ],
  • Yeti [Frankenbok],
  • Joe [Fuelset],
  • Rene [Cripple Mr Onion],
  • Scott Kelly [Solo/ Neurosis],
  • Phil Demmel [Machinehead],
  • Dysie [Claim the Throne],
  • Martin Mendez [Opeth],
  • Nick Augusto [Trivium],
  • Iain [Scurvy Dogs],
  • Max Cavalera (March 2011),
  • Chris [Darklight Corporation- NZ],
  • Joshua [We Came As Romans],
  • Brendan Small [Dethklok],
  • Jesse Leach [Times of Grace],
  • Shane [3 Inches of Blood],
  • Oderus Urungus [GWAR],
  • Mitch [Suicide Silence (Oct 2010)[R.I.P]],
  • Daniel [Katatonia],
  • Brent [August Burns Red],
  • Trivett Wingo [ex-The Sword],
  • Winston [Parkway Drive],
  • Burton C Bell [City of Fire],
  • Spencer [Periphery],
  • Kurt [Converge],
  • Dino [in person- Fear Factory],
  • James LaBrie [Dream Theatre],
  • John [Dying Fetus],
  • Satyricon,
  • Daniel [ex-In Flames],
  • Ben [The Dillinger Escape Plan],
  • Tom Araya [Slayer],
  • Children of Bodom,
  • Demonaz [Immortal],
  • Bullet for my Valentine,
  • Nergal [Behemoth],
  • Mikkey D [Motorhead],
  • Vinnie Paul [Hellyeah],
  • Silenoz [Dimmu Borgir],
  • Luke [The Bezerker],
  • Randy [Lamb of God],
  • Ben [The Mark of Man- NZ],
  • John Campbell [Lamb of God],
  • Mark Morton [Lamb of God],
  • Amon Amarth,
  • Rob [Chimaira],
  • Matt [Chimaira].

based in Wanaka, NZ.

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