By the time of writing this, we’re more or less up and running over on our re-branded podcast Skulls of Wrath.

We’ve changed names, mostly due to that fact that we were becoming increasingly aware that “Heavy Metal Wanaka” was not representative of what we had intended for the podcast- or rather it was too evocative of an operation that was outside the bounds of where we saw ourselves.

I am, of course, fully aware that within the spectrum of Heavy Metal, as a music genre, branding and titles hold little specific weight in and of themselves- beyond certain niche genre protocols, and that any seemingly nonsensical (i.e. out of context) name will/can be given life and value by the band. For example, just think of some massive legends of the genre; Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Pantera etc, the power and appeal etc of the name / brand is the work, blood, sweat & tears of the bands behind the name.
It is bearing this in mind that I feel more comfortable moving forward with the podcast under the, again, seemingly nonsensical, if not a touch cheesy (in a heavy metal sense) name of Skulls of Wrath.

The Audio only portions of any Heavy Metal Wanaka podcast or interview are lost, due to administrative failures of our previous audio host; luckily, from the outset I made sure to try and include versions posted to Youtube- freely available for anyone for listen to.
Speaking of Youtube, through all the upheaval of rebranding, we will be maintaining the same youtube channel / page, albeit with a title change, so in theory all the old links should still remain valid.