The Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast S2E1

Welcome to the Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast; the first episode for our second season!!

Search ‘Wanaka’ in any podcast app on your phone (iOS or Android) to find us- at the moment, we’re the only show that comes up!!

This episodes lead interview is with Doug ‘Prime’ from Bloodnut.

Our throwback interview is with Jarkko, bass player for Korpiklaani!

This is the first proper HMW attempt at putting together a long-form podcast- what’s become a more typical of the format it seems: you know the type, it seems that any given US comedian etc etc seems to have one.

I’m more or less just introducing some of the segments on the podcast, but in for NEWS we had;
Bulletbelt– new album art unveiled. (facebook post)
– Christchurch’s Blindfolded and Led to the Woods– new single premiered on metal injection dot com

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