The Heavy Metal Wanaka Show: 100% Kiwi Metal special

Welcome to the Heavy Metal Wanaka Show for our 100% Kiwi Metal in May special.

Please check out our Mixcloud player at to take full advantage of all the music

We feature an abridged version of my chat with Riccardo from Just One Fix (Auckland Thrash Metal Band) showcase NZ with a 100% Kiwi Metal show, AND debut a new logo / art.

Link to stand alone Just One Fix interview:

ARC OF ASCENT- Set the Planets Free
DUST- (Her) Dead Eyes Still Stare
** INTERVIEW with Riccardo from JUST ONE FIX**
JUST ONE FIX- Death in the Family
ABSTRACT SURVIVAL- Falsified Prophets
ORGANECTOMY- Beckoning the Horror of the Depths
SILENT TORTURE- Torn to Pieces
THY ASSASSIN- A World left behind

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