THE FACELESS Michael Keene on The Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast

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Today I have my interview with Michael Keene from The Faceless, talking all about their upcoming New Zealand and Australian tour during May 2017, as well as mention of their new album and as a special treat- Michael, with his expertise both behind the recording console and on the stage weighs in on the recent Suicide Silence backlash.

Regarding touring NZ again for the first time since 2009:
“… it was a gorgeous experience & we got driven down to Piha Beach … and all around it was a great time…”

Regarding setlist (for concert goers):
“… definitely be playing a little bit of everything, probably not much from the very first record, maybe a song… but from there on forward there will be a strong mix of everything… we’ll be playing probably two new songs off of the new record…”

Regarding new album:
“… it’s mixed and the masters are being turned in, in the next few days… on this record I told them no deadlines… when I’m happy with the mix I’ll give it to you [the label] and you can set a date at that time… finally I have a mix that I’m really, really proud of… I think I’m going to give some guys like Andy Sneap and [Jens Bogren] [a run for their money…]… I think people will be pretty impressed with how the record sounds, soncially, along with the material. It’s also the most musically diverse record that we’ve made yet…”

Regarding, how having a ‘diverse’ sounding record relates to the recent Suicide Silence release:
“…I might get myself in trouble here, but I’ll be brutally honest… I have no problem with bands changing their sounds, if it’s for the better or … even if it’s just for the difference but it’s still good and I certainly have nothing against clean singing in metal… I prefer it vastly over screaming, but if you can’t sing- you shouldn’t do it… I’m sorry and I love you Eddie [Hermida, Suicide Silence vocalist] but you cannot sign and you shouldn’t sing in your band… I can tell you exactly what went wrong- Ross Robinson is what went wrong, telling him he can sing when they should have had a producer in there going, “Hey buddy, this isn’t going to work, we need to try something else because you can’t sing. Sorry.” Hate to be so brutally honest because those guys are my buddies but that’s the reality of the situation. I on the other hand have confidence in what we’re doing… I’m not afraid of that particular backlash.”

Regarding writing music for the upcoming film, “American Satan”:
“…I wrote four songs… the movie is obviously about a band… the songs that they’re playing, a handful of them are songs that I wrote & recorded & played myself, they’re pantomiming what I played… I was writing music… with the spirit of what the band is supposed to be in the movie… which is a lot more mainstream than what I would be writing for The Faceless…”

Aussie dates (with The Black Dahlia Murder, Putrid Pile, Whoretopsy & Unravel): (tix & info:
May 9th: Badlands- Perth.
May 10th: Fowler’s Live- Adelaide.
May 11th: Max Watts- Brisbane.
May 12th: Manning Bar- Sydney.
May 13th: Corner Hotel- Melbourne.

New Zealand shows: (The Faceless with local support only)
May 14th: Valhalla- Wellington with Setentia & Grey Skies over Rapture. (tix: )
May 16th: Kings Arms- Auckland with Perditionist & Secularity. (tix: )

NZ shows FB events page:
Aussie tour:


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