The Heavy Metal Wanaka Show: 100% N.Z.


  1. DEVILSKIN- Grave
    1. (facebook, website, HMW album recommendation)
    2. Download Festival lineup- (Dog tooth stage)
  2. BLOODNUT- Fire Giant
    1. (facebook, bandcamp, HMW album recommendation)
    2. Merchant / Watchtower fb events
    3. Windhand / Cough fb events
  3. BULLETBELT- Death Tinted Red
    1. (facebook, bandcamp , HMW album recommendation)
  4. CLAEMUS- Duchenne Smile
    1. (facebook, bandcamp)
  5. DARKNESS WITHIN- Burn it all
    1. (facebook, soundcloud)
  6. INTO ORBIT- Dark Matter
    1. (facebook, bandcamp)
    2. Preorder vinyl / merch at:
  7. AUTON- Parasitism
    1. (fb: @inf3rnal.mach1ne, bandcamp)
  8. IGNITE THE HELIX- Murderface
    1. (facebook, website)
  9. SET ON END- Claw the Throne
    1. (facebook, instagram)
    2. Artery Recordings page.
  10. IN HUMAN- Greed
    1. (facebook, youtube channel)
    2. facebook events: Kings Arms 25th Feb.
  11. SETENTIA- Seends of Death (Rememberance)
    1. (facebook)
    2. next gigs: with Marduk & Gorguts, House of the Dead.
    3. Example of responses/ reviews: metalsucksmetalbandcamp, Sputnik music, No clean singing.
  12. ULCERATE- There are no Saviours
    1. (facebook, website)
  13. RENDERED HELPLESS- Pulverised Civilian Casualties
    1. (facebook, bandcamp)
  14. ORGANECTOMY- Sanstim of Deceit
    1. (facebook, youtube channel)
  15. TEAM KILL- Blood Eagle
    1. (fb @team.kill.metal, bandcamp)
  16. DOWNFALL OF HUMANITY- Blackened Existence
    1. (facebook, youtube channel)
    2. Next gig: Remote, Average Mars Experience.
  17. DUST- Doomsday Arterial Spray
    1. (fb @dustbandnz, bandcamp)
  18. DESTRUCTATRON- Stoned to Death
    1. (facebook, bandcamp)
  19. PSYCHOCLASM- Day of Blood
    1. (facebook, bandcamp)
  20. UNSLAIN- Craving
    1. (facebook, Soundcloud)
  21. DEATHNIR- Die by the Axe
    1. (facebook, bandcamp)
  22. GUNT- King of the Dead
    1. (facebook, album on bandcamp)

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