SEPULTURA’s Andrea Kisser on the Heavy Metal Wanaka Podcast


In this episode I speak with ANDREAS KISSER- guitarist for the ICONIC  and LEGENDARY Brazilian Metal band SEPULTURA.

SEPULTURA’S 14th studio album, “MACHINE MESSIAH” is out NOW!fb1792c2-cf08-409f-8447-159a4ae2e62b.jpg

Early on in our chat, ANDREAS talks briefly about his admiration for the New Zealand ALL BLACKS (our national rugby team & world champions)

He has been with SEPULTURA since 1987’s SCHIZOPHRENIA, where he took over the role of lead guitar and forming a stable lineup for the band for the better part of a decade.

In addition to his work with SEPULTURA, over the years ANDREAS has worked on local movie soundtracks in Brazil, released work as a solo musician, appeared as guest musician and collaborated with a number of other artists, and appears alongside his son on Brazil’s RADIO ROCK

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