ENFORCER’s Olof Wikistrand on a H.M.W throwback podcast

NOTE: His name is ‘OLOF’, I made a spelling error and will be sorting out the youtube video of it when I can.


In this episode I have a 2015 interview with ENFORCER’S Olaf Wikstrand: founder & vocalist.

The Swedish Heavy Metal Band (so might say NWOBHM revivalists) were preparing for or had just released their studio album “From Beyond”Enforcer-_From-Beyond.jpg

How ever you describe their sound, their Heavy Metal Attitude is not in dispute- lyrics revolving around horror, their guitar work seeks to break sound barriers and the vocals would leave the uninitiated worse-for-wear if they tried to imitate.

The interview has, as per usual, been put through a small amount of AUDIO CLEAN UP to try and IMPROVE the listening EXPERIENCE.

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