Heavy Metal Wanaka Show 13

BATTLE BEAST- King for a Day
BLOODBOUND- Metalheads Unite
GRAVE DIGGER- Call for War
SEPULTURA- Phantom Self
ALL HAIL THE YETI- Feed the Pigs
STEEL PANTHER- Anything Goes
BLOODNUT- Drop Dead Red Head (Get album on iTunes HERE!)
AVERSIONS CROWN- The Souless Acolyte
WITCHERY- Nosferatu
BEARSTORM- Cravers of a Second Birth
BENIGHTED- Forgive Me Father
IRON REAGAN- Grim Business
KREATOR- Satan is Real
IMMOLATION- Destructive Currents
XOTH- Tentacles of Terror
OCTOBER TIDE- Sleepless Sun


BLOODNUT- Blues from the Red Sons Album Recommendation

When you think of RED HAIR, is Heavy Metal usually the first thing you think of?

As a band of gingers, Auckland Stoner / sludge metal band Bloodnut has made, what is normally somewhat of a social stigma, the bands thematic focus.bloodnut.jpg


The album, Blues from the Red Sons, is available via bandcamp and ITUNES


These guys are quite pro-active on social media, quite often with a slight twist of humour, worthwhile following on platforms like www.facebook.com/bloodnutband