New Zealand’s rock & Metal fans will be well familiar with the pedigree of Hamilton’s DEVILSKIN– from previous bands the members are /  have been in- (i.e. Slipping Tongue, Chuganaut, World War Four, Seas of Conflict), not to mention The Axe Attack (radio).

The band recently released their highly anticipated SECOND album,”Be Like The River” which has since hit #1 on the album charts!

Check out ‘Be Like The River’ here:

Music fans hanging around Wanaka over New Years Eve will be able to catch them perform at this years (i.e. year to end 2016) Rhythm and Alps fest.

The band consists of:
Jennie Skulander – Vocals
Nail – Guitar
Paul Martin – Bass
Nic Martin – Drums

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this record & easily managed to listen to the full album several times over.

I’ve included a couple of music videos from the new album, so you can check out their sound for your self, but in summary: The bands sound is a heavy metal guitar / percussion foundation with powerful female vocals (clean & harsh) leading the charge. I should imagine there’s enough variation and flare to keep both Rock & metal fans happy- certainly moshing during the bands upcoming NZ wide summer tour.


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