Despised Icon Interview

I just got off the phone with Alex Erian, lyricist and one of two vocalists for the recently reunited Canadian band Despised Icon. Absolute monster / legend of the genre.

The band have a new album, “Beast”, their first for Nuclear Blast records, out July 22nd, and fans can get a taste of it with two music videos already out for the singles, “The Aftermath” [youtube] and “Beast” [youtube].

Alex mentioned he’d love for the band to tour down our way, or rather Aussie, but given the bands new look on life as a touring act, I’m paraphrasing & over simplifying but they’re taking things a bit easier for Despised Icon- maybe they could be convinced to spend a wee bit of time in picturesque Wanaka…

This interview will be featured on an upcoming episode Heavy Metal Wanaka.

I put up a photo with the other posts I do on this blog, may as well continue here: this interview was recorded in Wanaka, NZ & I took this photo on the way to work this morning as it tipped to -3deg Celsius (you can see the frost on the jettie). As I understand, minus three is not unusual for winter in these parts, but it’s rather warm recently- barely cracking into minus temperatures at all.

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